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Dr. Ali Eljebbawi

Ali, a researcher from Lebanon, completed his PhD in France, where he investigated the development of roots in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana under various environmental conditions, with a specific focus on the balance of ROS. He is currently working on the PROSPERO, a joint French-German project, which studies the dynamics and functions of transcriptional regulators containing prion-like domains, that are involved in maintaining the root stem cell niche and integrating environmental signals. His research aims at understanding the in vivo conditions and the underlying protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions of these regulators as they undergo liquid-liquid phase separation. He is using a combination of in vivo fluorescence techniques in Nicotiana benthamiana and transgenic A. thaliana mutants to examine how changes in environmental cues affect the dynamics of these phase-separated condensates and their relationship to functional development.

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