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Anika Dolata M.Sc.

Anika is a PhD-student from Germany who joined the lab in 2020 for her Master’s thesis. During her Master, she worked on transcription factors involved in the regulation of the Arabidopsis root apical meristem. Her PhD-project is part of the Cereal Stem Cell System consortium and focuses on transcription factors regulating the barley root stem cell homeostasis. To obtain a deeper understanding of important signaling pathways, she is using two different approaches. The unbiased approach focuses on finding new transcription factors involved in the root stem cell maintenance using single cell RNA-sequencing and spatial transcriptomics. For the biased approach, Anika investigates the function of barley homologues of transcription factors from Arabidopsis thaliana, that are known to have an impact on the root stem cell niche.

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